martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

Merlin Extralight 1996

After a long search I finally found a Merlin Extralight in my size. I always wanted a Merlin roadie, and hasn´t dissapointed me!
The set up is modern, with a 7900 Dura Ace, R-Sys wheels, and little more. The weight is very good, around 7kg, but with another handelbar and pedales will go to 6,9-6,8kg! Not bad for a bike with 16 years, and not an ultralight setup.

This is how it arrived ;)

And now how it looks...

miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Alpinestars Ti-mega

Alpinestars Ti-mega 1992

This is the second Ti-mega I own. I sold the first one to a good friend, but after some months I managed to get another one. This one came with a Manitou I fork, and the only idea I already have is building it with some green colour bits; The saddle will be a Concor NOS green one, and the grips are an Oury set, also in green.
Here a scan of the original brochure:

Actually the build is finished, full XTR m900, with it´s matching Alpinestars titanium fork! Most of the bits are NOS, and really like how it looks!
I´ll be adding some  mores pics soon!