jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

Merlin Newsboy 1994

The Newsboy is finished! Just tested a few km today, and it feels son nice. My LBS helped me with it, Mikel from Pedalier did a great job puting together all the bits, specially the wheels, thanks!

I´ve tried to use only period correct bits, but haven´t gone for a NOS build because I´m planning to ride it some times. The fork is a Ritchey one, with a no logo black Chris King headset. A black Control Tech stem and an Ibis titainum handlebar are ahead, with XT thumbies and Kooka brake levers. The front brake is a Grafton Speed controlers one, and the rear the very hard to find WTB rollercam.

Cook bros cranks, with a rear black Paul and a XTR front mech are the other parts of the transmision. The wheelset is a Bulleseye hubed one, and finally Syncros ti seatpost with a nice Flite saddle.

Some black Oury grips and a pair of Tioga Psycho are the last bits of the bike, with the 737 pedals.

This is the hardest frame to find I have. I was after one of this for a long time, and finally, in June 2009 I saw it for sale in Canada. It´s a Medium size, and the Number 103 of the first run they did. That means that it has the complete curved chainstays, with no welds on them, and of course the WTB rollercam.
It´s a stunning frame, with an incredible craftmanship, so now I´ll have to build it as it deserves.
This is the 1994 brochure:

The frame arrived in the biggest box I´ve ever seen for a frame! It was a wood box that could easily weight about 40kg! Of course better not to mention the shipping costs...
This is the serial number:
And this is a pic of the frame as it is now. Hopefully will begin it´s build by 2011...

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  1. Enhorabuena German
    El otro día ví la bici en directo y el cuadro gana muchísimo en directo. Además, el montaje perfecto.
    A ver si tengo ocasión de volver a verla